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Bhog - Temple Food of India explores and celebrates the link between food and culture and endeavors to resurrect some elided portions of India's heritage cuisine. Based on 6 ritu (seasons) and ashtha (8) prahar (unit of time) followed by temples for bhog offerings, numerous first-of-its-kind recipes are included. Culled out from the temple kitchens, several known dishes are given a traditional flavour.


A 200 + Page pictorial delight
Hardbound (12'x11') inches book

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Recipe of the Month
Known as star fruit, kamrak is a visual delight and its tartness dances on the palate. The high content of vitamin C is a preventive measure during winters when we are prone to coughs and colds. This is the perfect delicious way to keep colds at bay.
Ingredients   Method

250 gms Kamrak

1kg Sugar and water to make a strong chasni

1gm kesar

½ tsp finely powdered elaichi


Peel skin and slit kamrak
(You will not be able to resist the mouth-watering sour aroma so lightly salt a piece and pop into your mouth before you continue)
Make a strong powdery chasni and add elaichi and kesar.
Quickly add  Kamrak and stir to coat lightly.
Allow to set.
This can be enjoyed over the next 15 days.

“At the outset I would like to congratulate the authors – Geeta & Arun Budhiraja for their fine work and devotion in putting together this wonderful book. I urge every reader to come forward and encourage the authors on their journey”. 
I congratulate the Budhirajas for their pioneering work in this largely neglected field